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Aide Strickle, owner of Cinderella Cleaners

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Hi friends, my name is Tawnia a.k.a. Lollie to my amazing grandson Mannix. I am a businesswoman, wife, mom, and dog mom to 6 SUPER spoiled rotten pups. I live in the beautiful state of Arizona and I am a lover of champagne, fashion, all Real Housewives shows, home décor and I make one mean charcuterie board. I have one daughter, Alexis, and in 2020 she gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the world, the love of my life, Mannix. I am way too young and far too cool to be “grandma” so we came up with Lollie and my husband is Pops. Let me tell you something, being Lollie to Mannix is just about the best job I’ve ever had.

After Mannix was born, he had a severe case of reflux and we never seemed to have enough burp cloths on hand. Being a lover of all things pretty (and fabulous), I wanted to find cloths that were not only functional but also looked amazing. One day, after doing some extensive research (I Googled and YouTubed), I decided to purchase my very own sewing machine to see if I could figure out how to make them myself. Much to my surprise, I discovered I have a talent for sewing so I started making various options for Mannix. I hand-pick all of the fabrics myself and I enjoy making different creations in my spare time. This has really been a fun hobby for me and I’m hoping you will enjoy the quality products that I have been working on.

The items I am currently offering are chic, modern burp cloths made with the softest, most durable material. To glam up your burp cloth why not add a matching teether? The teethers are made with non-toxic materials for your baby’s sensitive gums and only the softest fabrics for your baby’s skin. Both products are very absorbent while being fabulous and stylish at the same time.

I hope your baby enjoys them as much as Mannix does and as much as I did making them.